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reach 900 million new shoppers on china's super app 
Why every brand should be selling on WeChat:
  • Over 900 million active users
  • China's #1 super app
  • Huge demand for U.S. products
  • No China FDA requirement
  • Low cost; quick start-up...

over 50 brands and growing.

The YuShop Platform

Built entirely inside the WeChat ecosystem.
We built the YuShop App for Social Selling.  A gamification of the shopping + sharing culture in China.

  • No websites. No shopping carts.
  • 1-Click Shopping & Sharing
  • In-App Live Selling "Shows"
  • ​Affiliate Program Plug-In
  • Influencer Program Management
  •  Customer Data & Analytics
Turnkey Solutions.
You supply the product, we'll do the rest.  
Open China in days.

From localization, marketing, logistics and everything along the way, we have you covered.
  • Cross-Border Licensing
  • Global Logistics & Fulfillment
  • Marketing and Campaign Management
  • Currency Collection and Conversion
  •  Sales & Customer Support
  • ​And Much More . . .
Our Sales Channels.
We have the channels and scalability to meet the goals of any size company.


YuShop is integrated with over 200 China consumer product distributors for seamless onboarding of products from our platform to theirs. Our entire marketplace integration is built inside WeChat, with built-in automation to integrate product images, information, and pricing from our system to theirs.  Easily add the Distributor channel to your plan and we will do the rest.  Quickly. Inexpensively.  Seamlessly.

Live Selling

Quickly becoming the future of shopping in China.  YuShop is leading the way of Live Selling "experiences" with the release of YuShop LIVE, Picture Home Shopping meets the iPhone. Whether you sell your product on one of ours shows, or promote it to outside influencers who have their own shows and audiences, making your product available for Live Selling is a channel you will want to include.

Retail Counters

YuShop Global developed and implemented a hybrid retail & direct-to-consumer business model that places YuShop brand products in high traffic, high income demographic, retail point-of-sale locations throughout the Tier I & II cities in China. No long term leases, no staffing, the model allows brands to get their products onto retail shelves for as little as a few hundred dollars to start.

Digital Marketing

Although western social media apps are blocked in China, local social media apps in China are much larger in comparison and in many cases are less expensive when evaluating metrics such as cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-impression, and customer acquisition cost.  If you currently run paid traffic campaigns to your e-commerce storefront, we recommend this channel as part of your China sales plan.
Analytics. We Got That Too.
Hey, we are data geeks, what can we say.  So we built everything into our platform we would want to see for our own products.  From heat maps to track viewers movements within mobile pages, to geo and source traffic information, to clicks and conversion, we have the intelligent data available to leverage for higher sales and profitability.

We also make analytics available to affiliates and brand fans who share your products with their networks.  The gamification of data creates a sticky user experience that keeps them coming back to the app (and your product) to check their results.
How It Works.
We make getting started as easy as we make selling your products in China.

Yes, I want to start selling to China.
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