WeChat Storefront on YuShop Platform
We built the YuShop marketplace inside the WeChat ecosystem for a reason - it's where the China consumer is.
  • 1.2 billion active users
  • ​900 million active shoppers
  • ​94.3% mobile phone market share
  • ​82 mins per day (average use)
  • 1.1 billion daily transactions
  • ​$250 Billion USD In-App purchases (2020)
Digital Marketing 
Campaign Management.
Digital Marketing Direct Response (DMDR) is our specialty when it comes to driving E-Commerce sales for brands.

YuShop has developed a proprietary paid ad "sales funnel" that drives top-of-the-funnel traffic through an automated process that has one primary key performance indicator.  ROAS.

Return-on-Ad-Spend (ROAS) is how we judge our success when managing digital marketing campaigns for our merchant partners.

The digital marketing pool of targeted customers in most cases is 4-5x the size of the same audience in the U.S., providing brands an opportunity to remove any glass ceiling that may exist on your current online marketing growth rates today.

Sales Management.
Not every product should be marketed and sold the same way. We offer several different sales channels already conveniently integrated into the YuShop platform.
  • E-Commerce:  China is the #1 E-Commerce in the world and a channel definitely worth considering.  YuShop offers an opportunity to sell directly on the YuShop platform, as well as opportunities to syndicate your product to hundreds of reseller online stores as well.
  • Retail Counters: We currently have over 1,600+ preferred retail partner locations available for product placement.  
  • Live Selling: Picture Home Shopping Network meets the mobile phone.  That is what we have built in the YuShop platform, providing Influencers (or brand owners) an opportunity to Live Sell products in China real-time.
  • Wholesale:  Is your business model wholesale?  We have you covered as well.  We work with a network of wholesale importers in a variety of product categories and can provide you an upfront estimate of our ability to get your product placed and the level of demand.
  • Affiliate Networks:  The YuShop platform has a custom affiliate management program built inside the platform and can be added to your marketing and sales plan upon request.  We have an affiliate management team who manages program design, support, and growth on your behalf with full reporting capabilities on-demand.
China Market
Brand Expansion.
China utilizes an entirely different set of social media and search engine platforms, blocking most western branding platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.

YuShop provides brands a wide range of branding services, including building an entirely stand-alone platform exclusive to your brand and products.

From search engine optimization to content development and management on all platforms, we can provide every service (and more) that you have used to successfully build your brand today.

This is a service we offer for brands who require it.  It is NOT a requirement for selling your products in China.
All-Inclusive Mission 
Critical Services.
Products in and money out are the two primary hurdles that keep most brands out of China.

In addition to these two mission critical services, we provide our merchant partners a host of other services that are imperative to successfully selling in China.

  • Translation & Localization of Materials
  • Competitive Analysis & Advisory Services
  • Door-to-Door Delivery & Logistics
  • Money Transfer (ACH Deposits)
  • Customer Service & Support
  • ​Order Management & Reporting
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