YuShop is a premium lifestyle destination for Chinese consumers to shop international for health,  fashion, beauty, home, and more. 

YuShop provides the China market highly curated, verified brands and products, that are handpicked specifically for YuShop's community.

YuShop not only provides premium brands and products, but offers shoppers a new experience in Cross-Border eCommerce (CBEC) that does not exist in the market today. . . until now.
"Simply put, YuShop makes selling to China as simple and seamless as running a Facebook Ad.  You provide the product and we'll do the rest.

Consider us your China "team", providing a complete and turn-key solution without adding the overhead or risk."

Nathan Halsey, CEO 
Our Story
Our story begins in 2009 when Nathan (CEO) took his first product to China, a line of nutraceutical 2oz "shots" that was a popular product category in the U.S. at the time but had yet to be introduced into the China market.

Nathan quickly saw the opportunity to bring innovative products from the U.S. to China, but also realized early on China posed some of the most challenging obstacles and business requirements of any market in the world.

In 2009, China was considered an emerging market as it relates to consumer product consumption.  Today, it's the #1 eCommerce and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) market in the world, growing at an annual rate double that of both the U.S. and Europe combined.

After only selling our own products in China for years, we obtained a Cross-Border eCommerce license in 2019 enabling us to import and distribute other brands and products in China under our license.

In 2020, we developed the first China Cross-Border E-Commerce (CBEC) Social Selling marketplace built entirely inside of WeChat.  

Why WeChat?  

Because it's where over 90% of our target audience spend the majority of their day.  

We provide Chinese consumers an international shopping experience without ever leaving China (or WeChat).

Sound simple?  It is.

To find out how simple, contact us today to discuss how we can help grow your business selling to China.

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